Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Eve with No Time and nothing in the fridge

Well, so two days back i reached home at 8.30 and was exhausted with all the driving and clearing the work log of two days. We had some left over pasta from last eve which we got from this lovely restaurant called 'Earth' suggested by 'The Singing Chef'. So other than the pasta and a few dals at home there was nothing which i could cook in 10 mins and be happy. So, i decided to try my hands at 'Cheese toast'.

What i did was:
Grated some cheese and some butter. Chopped some onions and green chillies, added some salt, pepper and some herbs and a bit of cooking oil. Mixed it all up nicely. Spread it over three slices of brown bread and grilled it for 10 mins in preheated oven at 150 degrees.

I had some yummy cheese toast, i cut them in slices, made some soup and warmed the left over pasta...and voila...hubby darling and I had a stupendous meal.

Try it, its painless and is a treat.


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