Friday, November 2, 2007

When you are dying to Party....

It had been quite sometime since i had friends over, because of hectic work hours, travelling and then some MY time. And i have always been someone who likes to have someone around me all the time and i love to cook and serve and hear the comments. So, last eve i called over a few friends after a long time and had a ball.

As i said, i love to cook and serve...i had planned to cook a lot and then bake etc, but unfortunately i was stuck at office and by the time i reached home after all the purchases and traffic jams, it was 7pm and i was expecting my friends by 7.30. So i made Chicken Steak and some snacks with lots of corn...i just love them.

For Chicken Steak, i followed the following steps:
- 1/2 KG Chicken breasts
- 3 finely chopped onions
- 4 Tablespoons Soya Sauce
- 4 Tablespoons white vinegar
- 1 1/2 tablespoon Garlic paste
- Salt
- Pepper
- a pinch of sugar
- Oil

Wipe the chicken breasts and beat with a mallet or a knife to flatten. Cut each into two pieces.Mix the chicken with the other ingredients, except oil. Put aside to marinate for 2 hours or so.

Brush the base of a pan with oil and cook covered on simmer for 3-4 mins. Place as many pieces of chicken without them touching each other, turning over at once. If your dish is not big enough to take in all the pieces together, you may have to do them in two lots.Cook covered, turning the pieces halfway through.Serve hot. If you want it browned, turn once then cook under a grill, until light brown.

My friends relished it and infact, my friend called me today and said 'It was rocking'. So i was glad. It didnt take me much time to cook and it was filling and went well with kind of eve we were having. All in all it was cool.

Regarding the snacks, I make this very often. Its healthy, yummm, very light, goes well with drinks and guess what, doesnt take much time either :D

So, this is what i do

In a pan, I take some olive oil and put in finely chopped onions, fry till pink, add tomatoes...once the tomatoes are tender, add salt, pepper and a bit of vinegar...toss it nicely, cool it and serve with crackers, or papad or have it just like that...Cheers!!!


Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!

Raaga said...

hey... you left the corn out of the corn dish :) unless I missed something.