Monday, December 24, 2007

The love for Bong food

A few few months back I had gone over to a friend's house...a bong friend…and had this dish called 'Dhokar Dhalna', it was amazing. I kept looking for the recipe to surprise my hubby but unfortunately, wherever I found it, it sounded extremely complicated so I kind of gave up… and felt bad :(

Then a few days back I decided to give it a shot irrespective of the fact that it was complicated or not. It turned out great infact, it wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. Here goes the detail


- 200 gms Chana Dal / Cholar
- 1 Large Potato cut into small pieces
- 1 tbsp Coriander seed paste
- 1 tbsp Cumin seed paste
- Chili powder
- Turmeric powder
- 50gms Curd
- 2 tbsp Ginger paste
- A few Green chilies
- 1 tbsp Ghee
- Salt
- Roast Garam Masala, cumin and coriander together and powder it
- Oil


Wash it and soak chana dal overnight. Grind chana dal with little ginger, salt & green chili. Heat oil in a pan & add chana dal paste. Fry till moisture dries off. Spread the mixture in a greased plate. Cut in diamond shapes or whichever shape you prefer & fry in deep oil till golden brown. Fry potato till brown. In the same oil add ginger paste, coriander, cumin seed paste, turmeric powder, chili powder, salt & curd. Fry till leaves oil. Add water, fried potato & boil. Add already fried dhoklas & cook for 2 minutes. Add ghee & garam masala.

You may use onions and tomatoes as well for the base gravy, that's another version of the dalna.

You may have this with rice(which normally all bongs do) or have it with luchies or roties. I had it with luchies and I freaked out...It wasn't as great as the one I had at my friend's house but it helped a bit and not to too miss the lovely 'puchie' I got from my hubby for this thats called accomplishment :)

Try and let me know your feedback...I would love to modify and get a better version any day.!!!!


Shella said...

hmmm you were rewarded adequately for your efforts, so I too am going to give this a sure try. The recipes sounds interesting. never tried my hand at Bong cooking

A Dreamer and A Cook said...

Guess what Shella, I am not a bong...but married to one...along witha lovely husband...i got to try my hands at bong food...if u like experimenting..which i am sure you do..try always