Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why Not...!

Hey, I guess there are too many posts happening in a span of a very little time. But I just can’t stop now. This post is not so much about a dish or a soup or baking….it’s about something which has been on my mind for a week or two…and I am putting it down.

Well, I joined a new organization some 6 months back and I had to move from my previous job because I stood for myself and decided not take any shit from anyone (sorry! for the language), be it a colleague or the boss. In my current organization, I am pretty happy and settled. I have met some really interesting people. From our CEO to the CFO to anyone, it’s a different culture altogether. Here I get to take my own decisions and execute whatever I believe is profitable for the organization.
One of these days I was having a chat with one of my colleagues and we came to the topic of how someone moves up the ladder and what all one has to face to be successful. This colleague has now over a period of time has taken a special place in my life, I love him, I adore him but over and above all this, I respect and believe in him…All in all…I am in awe of him. So while this discussion, the topic of why I left my earlier organization also came up and I told him the real reason, I was expecting him to explain me why such things happen and what should I have done etc. etc., but instead he asked me to read this book called ‘Why not…! Racing ahead with mentors’, And I like a little puppy said…OK, will do sir.
And then a few days later he came up to my desk and brought to me a print out of a book cover and asked me...
P: - Did you read the book I asked you to?
S: - Not yet sir! (Scared!!!)
P: - Very well, you couldn’t have either ways (grinning sheepishly)…coz it’s not yet in the market!
S: - Then how come you asked me to read it when you haven’t read it yourself! (amazed!)
P: - Well, I know you should read it…. coz, It’s been written by me…

And then he showed me the print and I was amazed…his name proudly mentioned below – Partha Sarthi Basu.

Well, I did buy the book and have read a few pages and I can assure you, it’s not one of those management books which talks about…do this and do that…it’s a lovely story of a person who has climbed the ladder from the bottom… and talks about, ‘Life at Top’ and ‘Behind those numbers’ and ‘Focus on Worthiness’ etc.… well, it’s something you got to read to know why I am going on and on about this book….It’s a must read.

Also, since I mentioned earlier that I am in awe of this author......on one of my recent official tours, I figured out that he is a hog when it comes to Prawns…so to lead you back to the cooking sphere…one of the dishes I hope he will savor is mentioned below:

Chingri Malai Curry

- 1 Pkt frozen prawns
- 2 large onions – grated or paste
- 2 green chilies
- Coconut Milk
- Salt
- Turmeric
- Red chili powder
- Whole garam masala (cinnamon, Tej patta, laung)
- Powder garam masala
- Oil

In a bowl, take prawns and marinate it with salt and red chili powder. Keep aside for 15-20 mins. Now in a kadai take some oil and sauté the marinated prawns for about 5 mins, once they turn dark pink, take them out, In the same oil, put the whole garam masalas, add the slit green chilies and then onion paste and fry for 5-7 mins. Now, add turmeric, salt and coconut milk and bring it to a boil. Once this boils, add the prawns and keep it on simmer for about 5 mins. Serve hot with steamed rice!!!

I wish this great man a great success as an author and otherwise.

You are more than welcome to borrow the book from me or…if you wish, you can buy it and I will have it autographed for you.!!!! Why not??



chandrama said...

It was a pleasure to read you post Why not!!
i loved the way you weave your thoughts and pen them down with a fluidity, commendable :)
The multipurpose post, with high reco for the book and ofcourse the Malai Chingri officially announces you as the New cool kid in the blog world :)

Thedreamingcook said...

Chandrama: I know you always love what i cook, and thanks to friens like you, i dont hesitate to try..As far as the book is concerned..IT IS A MUST READ...and i am sure u will agree once you read it for urself. Thanks for the compliments

Thedreamingcook said...

Chandrama: I know you always love what i cook, and thanks to friens like you, i dont hesitate to try..As far as the book is concerned..IT IS A MUST READ...and i am sure u will agree once you read it for urself. Thanks for the compliments

Anonymous said...

Hey, i read the book as suggested in your post and if you say that its a must read then I can vouch that it will be a great read...thank you

Anonymous said...

hey dreaming cook, I recently finished this book and it was an experience in itself. the author has a class and it definately is a must read. I hadn't read post about this book till about a few mins back, i was doing a search on the net to find out about what all books are there by this author and i landed on your post...keep recommending, i will looking out for it on your blog. thanks Charu

Murali said...

Iam muralidhar, a Bachelors student of Birla Institute of technology and Science (BITS-Pilani). I was on the exercise of finding a book on entrepreneurship for a class assignment for a course called (Creating and Leadinga an Entrepreneual organization). As a part of the assignment, each of us in a group of three is asked to read a relevant work and present the summary in the class. I spent lots of time on internet to find the right one. Thankgod, i happened to look at this post of urs. I have bought the book (Whynot!.. Racing ahead with mentors) and started reading it. Im really astonished to find some one who knows the great author personally. The post is inspiring as is the book. Get going !

Thedreamingcook said...

Hi Murali, thank you for your comment and I must say the book is amazing so is the author. I was just wondering, how did you land on my blog? and Where did you buy the book from? Please do revert! thanks

Murali said...

Hi, Thanks to google.. It always takes you to the right place when u are search something. I found ur blog through google. Found ur blog in the first 3 pages of search :)

I bought the book from our Campus Book-Store ("Akshay")
Do you work for spicejet ltd?
How and when did u invoke this interest in cooking ?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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